The Advantages of Solar Energy – Are You Missing Out?

The advantages of solar energy are not widely understood – otherwise we would have a lot more people making use of those advantages. Therefore our focus in this page is to ensure you get a good handle on those advantages so that you can begin to make use of them in your life, in your home.

Historical Developments

There is nothing new about using solar energy. Writings and discoveries show that as early as 7the seventh century BC, humans were using mirrors to light fires.

If you have an interest in the history of solar there is a great free resource you can download from the US Department of Energy.

Solar Timeline

There you will find an outline of key developments, century by century – You can download it and read it at your leisure - a very informative read.

Advantages Of Solar Energy

The numerous advantages are listed below:

  • The sun is a renewable energy resource. Unlike various fossil fuels to which we are so addicted, solar energy is timeless. Strictly speaking, we should qualify that statement because scientists tell us that eventually the sun will burn itself out – but, hey, we're talking billions of years. So we'll stick with our statement.

  • Solar energy is a free resource. True, you have to spend money to harness it in various ways, but you don't have to buy it, like buying petrol at the pump. In other words, the fuel is free!

  • Using solar energy saves you money on your power bills.

  • Investing in solar energy provides a good return on that investment as the payback period is quite reasonable and after that point has been reached you have a free resource, apart from minor maintenance.

  • Many governments, both federal and regional, and across many countries, provide financial incentives for people who opt to use solar energy.

  • Solar energy is kind to the environment because it doesn't pollute the atmosphere with harmful gases, as is the case with coal and gas plants.

  • Solar energy can be used in remote locations, where it isn't possible for people to be connected to their national grid.

  • The technologies associated with solar energy have continued to improve and innovate, resulting in lower costs.

  • Solar energy products require little or no maintenance.

  • Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy is not affected by supply and demand and the constant rising prices. In fact, solar energy costs keep on coming down.

  • Solar energy is versatile – you are probably already using it to dry your clothes andpower your calculator but you can use it to make electricity, to heat your home, to cool your home, power a car, power roadside signs, lights in bus shelters, cook food, heat your pool, pump water, purify water.

The advantages of solar energy cannot be denied. With the improving technologies and greater demand we are in for an armchair ride as far as being able to access it and use it in our daily lives.

If you have any doubts go to our Disadvantages Of Solar Energy page. You will soon see that the advantages of solar energy far outweigh the disadvantages.

And now we want you to watch this excellent video it really hits the spot and it may well inspire you to launch into solar energy for your home.

So what are you waiting for? If you are not using solar energy yet, then your time has come.

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