Alternative Energy Grants Are Crucial For The Growth Of Renewable Energy Sources

Alternative energy grants and incentives are crucial to the continuing growth and development of alternative energy sources.

It is absolutely vital that home-owners everywhere develop energy independence. This means not only energy efficiency but also the regular use of alternative energy sources such as wind, solar, biomass and geothermal.

We say vital, because the world is at the cross roads because of the threat posed by climate change. Visit our page on (insert link) global warming facts and understand the urgency of the situation.

In addition to the climate issues we need to wean ourselves off our addiction to fossil fuel technologies. For far too long we have allowed our governments to heavily subsidize the coal and gas industries. In addition, there is nuclear energy, the most heavily subsidized of them all. We need to develop the alternatives and so do those who govern us.

Alternative energy sources will need government subsidies and so will individual home owners.

Fortunately, these subsidies are available, although governments have a history of waxing and waning on these matters. For example, subsidies put in place for a four year period, then they disappear, only to re-appear a few years later. Such policy making on the run is not good for fledgling industries, who need a consistent approach that encourages private investment.

Alternative Energy Grants For Homeowners

Alternative energy incentives for home owners are usually available from three broad sources – federal, state(region) and local governing authority. The set up will vary depending on the country in which you live. We have a few good resources for you to check out if you are considering an alternative energy project for your home.

If you live in the following countries you can visit the associated link to help find the right source of funding for your project. USA - DSIRE

UK - UK Government Grants

Australia - Australian Energy Grants

Europe - European Energy Grants

For those from other places you should have no difficult in tapping in to your government pages for renewable energies and finding the relevant information.

As home owners we need to become proactive in relation to a whole range of funding issues.

For example, if you live in the USA, tell your government representatives that you don't want tax credits they are bad policy – they favor the rich! Tell them you want feed-in tariffs which are a tried and proven alternative energy incentive in many countries. They put the assistance where it belongs, into the pockets of those who are using alternative energy and at the same time they encourage investment in the industry.

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