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It's hard to keep up with alternative energy news – there's always something new happening – new technology, new gadgets, new research & experiments, new government policies and incentive programs, new products on the market...

So we decided to create the Home Energy Independent, a monthly newsletter, jam-packed with information for home owners wanting to use alternative energy sources and keep up with the latest alternative energy news.

In addition, we want you to start off on the right foot, so to speak, so we have probably the most valuable gift anyone has ever given away as an incentive for signing up for a monthly newsletter, focusing on alternative energy news.

Welcome to “Sustainable Energy – Without The Hot Air” - written by Professor David MacKay from Cambridge University in the UK. This is a 350+ page e-book, probably the most sensible, yet thought-provoking book ever written about alternative energy. And it's all yours once you sign up for our monthly newsletter. Read more underneath the sign-up box.

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The Home Energy Independent

Each edition of your monthly newsletter will contain:

  • An article on an alternative energy topic
  • A review of an alternative energy product or energy saving device
  • Information about special events with an alternative energy theme
  • An article on significant developments in the field from across the world

All in all, it will keep you well informed with the latest alternative energy news.

Your Free E-Book

It's probably best if we let just a few of the reviewers of this book, express their opinions...

”By focusing on the metrics of energy consumption and production, in addition to the aspiration we all share for viablerenewable energy, David MacKay’s book provides a welcome addition to the energy literature. “Sustainable Energy– without the hot air” is a vast undertaking that providesboth a practical guide and a reference manual. Perhaps ironicallyfor a book on sustainable energy, MacKay’s account of the numbers illustrates just how challenging replacing fossil fuel will be, and why both energy conservation and new energy technology are necessary.”

Darran Messem

Vice President Fuel Development

Royal Dutch Shell


“The need to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and to find sustainable sources of energy is desperate. But muchof the discussion has not been based on data on how energy is consumed and how it is produced. This book fills that need in an accessible form, and a copy should be in every household."

Prof Robert Hinde CBE FRS FBA

Executive Committee, Pugwash UK

and finally...

”I took it to the loo and almost didn’t come out again.”

Matthew Moss

Professor Mackay doesn't sell this book. Indeed, if he did it would be on the best sellers list. He simply wants to make sure that as many people as possible have the key alternative energy news, alternative energy ideas and alternative energy info at their finger tips.

So what are you waiting for? Alternative energy news is vital to your future. If you haven't already signed up for The Home Energy Independent, then sign up in the box below and receive your valuable gift.

Subscribe to the Home Energy Independent and receive a FREE copy of "Sustainable Energy - Without The Hot Air".


P.S. If it's alternative energy news you want then the Home Energy Independent is the way to get it. Not only that - you get a free 350 page e-book which will really stop you in your tracks and make you think seriously about alternative energy options.

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