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Few people are unaware of alternative energy sources that are becoming mainstream. Electric cars are starting to make an impact as an alternative to gas. You can see references to new possibilities all over the internet, in newspapers, books and TV programs.

Hearing and reading about it is one thing, but understanding it and knowing how to use it, is quite another matter - and that's what this site is all about.

What Is Alternative Energy?

Most energy produced in the world today comes from burning fossil fuels in the form of coal, oil or natural gas. They are referred to as fossil fuels because they are formed from the remains of animals and plants, often prehistoric. In the case of oil and gas they are the result of marine fossil decay and with coal it is non-marine fossil decay.

The simplest definition of alternative energy then is energy from a source other than fossil fuels. Many people would add "and nuclear" to that definition. That topic warrants a separate discussion which you can follow on our Nuclear Energy page.

Another point, very relevant to our definition, is that alternative energy sources are seen to be renewable. This again contrasts with fossil fuels which are seen to be non-renewable as, given time, they will largely disappear.

This point about disappearing resources is precisely what has given rise to the research and development of alternative energy sources.

So... given our definition...

What Are The Alternative Energy Sources?

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  • Solar energy - where we harness the radiant energy from the sun and use it for a variety of different purposes.
  • Wind Power - where we learn about harnessing the power of the wind to produce electricity for household use.
  • Geothermal Energy - where we utilize the heat from the earth for direct heating or to produce electricity.
  • Biomass energy - Biomass is the general term for a wide variety of resources in any given area that can be burned to produce energy. Much of this material is usually considered to be waste or garbage and can include crops, animal, plant and mineral refuse and wood.
  • Water energy - a term that covers a number of different methods of energy generated from water - including tidal, ocean, waves and hydro-power.

So, Where To From Here?

All these types of alternative energy represent a wonderful opportunity for people to move away from energy generated via fossil fuels. And now, having defined the term, let's begin to look at more specific areas that teach us how to move down the path of putting alternative energy to use for us, in our own homes.

Obviously, Alternative Energy Research is happening over the full range of the different types of alternative energy. This is necessary in order to pinpoint the best possible uses to not only decrease our dependence upon fossil fuels but also to provide the alternative in a cost-effective and efficient way.

Closely allied with the research component we have the need for Alternative Energy Education where everyone, from children to adults, can begin to acquire basic knowledge, understand the potential and learn how to practically use alternative energy in their own lives.

For information resources about renewable energy technologies visit Alternative Energy News(opens in a new window).

Practically everyone has come across the advertisements for hybrid cars where the fuel source is no longer entirely gasoline-based. Find out more about Alternative Energy Cars and what the future may hold. is a smart choice for information on all forms of alternate energy, including Solar, Wind, Water and Geothermal – and includes information on how to run your car on water.

An encouraging development in the alternative energy field is the availability of Alternative Energy Grants to assist families to install alternative energy systems and devices in their homes.

You have probably heard that old saying about "putting your money where your mouth is". Well it applies in the alternative energy field as well. If you believe in this movement towards energy independence then it makes sense, in fact it demands, that money is invested to progress its development. Read more about Alternative Energy Mutual Funds.

For another way to extend your education on the available options for alternative energy sources you could visit Alternative Energy Action Now for a further exploration of sources for now and the future.

There is no substitute for the practical application of alternative energy resources in our own homes. That is where our major energy costs occur and our use of alternative energy sources is going to reduce those costs. Visit our Alternative Energy Resources page and find out how to access alternative energy products as well as learning how to build such products for yourself.

Remember, as our headline on this page states, "alternative energy sources are right at your doorstep" - the challenge is to learn how to use them in a way that puts the profits in your pockets and not in the coffers of some giant corporation or bank.

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