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As the name implies, geothermal energy is obtained from the earth, in quite a variety of ways. These can range from large power plants to simple backyard pumps.

Beneath the earth's crust, lies the earth's mantle which has a temperature gradient from high, where it border the earth's molten inner core, to lower where it contacts the crust. This gradient is also referred to as the geothermal gradient.

Geothermal energy is usually spoken of as a renewable energy resource. However there is often some debate about this. Some would say, that like solar energy, it is finite, as one day the sun will cease to exist. Since the sun is likely to be around for some billions of years, renewable seems an OK description. On the other hand some argue that it is not renewable and point to the example of California's “The Geysers, where steam production began to decline after about 35 years of operation. This obviously meant that the steam was being extracted at a faster rate than it was being generated in the depths below. The graphic below is a shot of The Geysers plant.

graphic of geothermal energy plant -

Source: US Dept. of Energy - EERE

Technology developments are focusing on this issue and “closed loop” systems are now in operation where the water is re-injected allowing for steam production at all times. Even so, it may mean that some existing systems may become defunct.

Perhaps the jury is still out on this one, but it does seem reasonable to see this energy as renewable energy in the long term, provided modern technology is implemented from the beginning in any new field of operation.

The Key Features Of Geothermal Energy

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