Building Our Web Business Like This Is Exciting And Rewarding.

On this page we wanted to share with you a number of things – who we are, why we are into running our web business and how we are doing it. Hopefully this information will not only help you to get to know us a little better but also how to achieve your own dreams, as we are doing.

So here goes...

Who We Are

From a marketing perspective we are known as the BlueRam Group (we'll talk about the name in a moment) and there are three of us.

  • Steve – a resident of Montreal Canada, married with a wife and adult son, is an expert on keeping tropical fish, aquariums, aquarium maintenance and a whole host of fishy things. The first web site we built was all about Freshwater Tropical Fish and one of the many species is the beautiful blue ram cichlid, a native South American fish, and so our group name was born.

    Steve has worked in the industry most of his life and is an acknowledged expert in the area. He has put in the great majority of the work into Freshwater Tropical Fish site which now covers more than 220 pages.

    Steve also has a passion for renewable energy and encouraging its widespread use.

  • Ian – a retired Australian, living in Normandy, France with a passion for research and writing and has assumed the major responsibility for developing our second site on Home Alternative Energy
  • Ray – a sole parent Dad, bringing up two children. Ray is our expert on all things technical to do with web site structures, coding languages and has that wise and practical bent that keeps Steve and Ian from going overboard with impractical suggestions.
  • Why We Do It

    All of us want to build up a successful internet-based business that will give us independence and at the same time provide quality information to others in areas where we have knowledge and expertise.

    Originally, we worked quite separately – we didn't even know each other – and we dabbled in all sorts of internet marketing schemes with very little success. We finally met up through a shared membership in a group of eight people who collaborated to write an e-book aimed at internet marketers who wanted to reach out into the small business sector and teach business owners how to use the power of the internet to improve their businesses. You can see the website that still promotes that book (it's our site now) at OffLine Business Online Wealth

    After the book project was completed the group members went their respective ways, but eventually Steve, Ian & Ray decided to pool their collective skills and resources and the BlueRam Group was born.

    We started off pretty much going down the same internet marketing paths with which we were all familiar, but it was frustrating and unrewarding as so many people have discovered.

    But then we made a discovery...

    How We Do It

    We discovered SBI This all-in-one business package helps anyone who wants to build a successful web business. And they get great results.

    If you don't believe us just watch the following short video and listen to what some of SBI's Facebook fans have to say:

    You even have the opportunity to contact SBI directly with your questions -it's dead easy - and you get honest answers from people who really know their business.

    Yes, SBI has become the foundation stone of our web businesses and we can't imagine building our web business any other way. You get all the tools you need to succeed included in the package plus you get to interact with a great community of people in the forums.

    You might be thinking - “well that's all very well and easy for you to say – but where's the proof?”

    Fair enough – so let's look at some proof.

    And one final point - you even get to use the brand-new BB2 to build your website – there's nothing else to match it on the net.

    BlockBuilder 2

    So we just get on with building our web business, secure in the knowledge that we belong to a supportive community with top class resources and support – and all for less than $1 per day.

    Likely you'll have some question about Solo Build It and what it can do for you. So why not ask them directly? Simply go to the Questions Page

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