Preventing Global Warming Is Not An Option – It's A Necessity

Preventing global warming looms as a critical issue for the world and it is reassuring that the science of global warming and climate change, although relatively new, has a firm foundation.

Scientists world-wide have devoted time and energy to bring together an incredible array of information and statistics to inform the world about climate change and global warming.

The information is of great concern because it outlines the danger to the long-term health of our planet.

As a result, preventing climate warming is now high on the agenda of many governments, regions and individuals.

Preventing Global Warming – Where To Start

To consider this question we need to look at the issues from two different perspectives.

Preventing global warming - the individual perspective

it's tempting to think of this as the government's problem. However, as we shall see later, this isn't the most positive approach to take. What we have is an energy problem and energy is something we all consume – in ever increasing quantities.

Therefore, as individuals and families, we need to examine our energy usage. How much? How often? How long? What type? These are all relevant questions when it comes to preventing global warming.

So what can we do?

  • Become energy efficient by using a range of methods to conserve energy in your home. Get help with this by visiting Home Energy Savings
  • Adopt renewable energy sources to power and heat your home. To get a good range of information and resources visit (insert link to hae wind power and to solar energy)
  • is it time to change your motor vehicle? Don't but another gasoline-guzzling, air polluting conventional vehicle – switch instead to a hybrid or pure electric car.
  • Lobby your parliamentary representatives to urgently prepare and support legislation that puts a clear plan in place, backed with the necessary resources (money and personnel), to reduce CO2 emissions by 2030.

Implement the above strategies and you will immediately be making a substantial contribution to preventing global warming by reducing CO2 levels and saving money (long term) in the process.

In the process you will become better informed about the issues and able to act as an ambassador to influence others to do the same.

In the following video a representative from Greenpeace interviews people in the street to find out what they think about the need for change in our energy use. ind out what the public has to say about energy efficiency, fossil fuels, renewable energy sources, and the ned for an energy revolution. y sources, and the need for an energy and the need for an energy revolution.

It's encouraging – people are aware and they do see the need for change – are you one of them?

Preventing global warming - the bigger picture

This is where it gets a lot more complex. At this level we have Federal Governments & regional authorities across a large list of countries. Essentially the global warming problem is a global energy problem requiring some global solutions.

We say, more complex, because although many countries are signatories to global agreements, others are not. Furthermore, even when countries sign such agreements they still have to implement the proposals within their own national framework.

The global warming scenario is not something that can wait while people play politics or simply sit around debating the issues. Stressing the urgency is sometimes portrayed by critics as causing unnecessary and unwarranted fear amongst citizens. However, the situation is urgent, call it what you will, and it demands the urgent attention of all governing bodies as well as individuals.

Is there any kind of blueprint that nations can adopt?

There are in fact numerous major reports and publications floating around on the web. We have researched quite a number of them and we have discovered an excellent resource that you can download from this site.

This report is titled “Energy [R]evolution - A World Sustainable Energy Outlook”, and is the result of a partnership between Greenpeace International, the European Renewable Energy Council and regional partners from other countries of the world.

You can download it here
(right click, save as).

And finally, do you have 18 minutes to spare?

It's not much but if you watch the following video you will regard it as time well spent. We are not trying to sell you a product here, but we are trying to convince you about the integrity and urgency of climate change, including global warming.

The video features hightly respected NASA scientist, James Hansen – we'll let him speak for himself...

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