How To Profit From Solar Energy Grants

Solar energy grants are an indispensable resource for all solar energy lovers;

Every one knows that setting up your home with solar energy as a prime source of power, heating or cooling, is an expensive proposition. Fortunately, there are solar incentives available to help you defray those costs and to shorten the payback time on your investment.

Solar energy costs are coming down as the technology evolves, but, nevertheless, solar energy grants are a welcome and necessary resource.

Types of Solar Energy Grants

Solar energy financial incentives come in many different forms across many countries.

It is beyond the scope of this article to try and cover every situation and resource but we will cover a few strategic ones and also give you links to valuable information.

Solar energy incentives exist in several broad forms and these are outlined below:

Feed-in tariffs

The term “feed-in-tariffs” has become the most widely used term, but you will also find references to “advanced renewable energy tariffs” and “renewable energy producer payments”.

What are feed-in tariffs?

Simply put, they are the payment per kilowatt-hr of electricity fed into the grid by the household producing the electricity. They are a very good policy provision that encourages the development of a variety of renewable energies. The feed-in tariff program usually specifies the length of time for which the payments will be made.

European countries, especially Germany, France and Spain have been world leaders in the implementation of this form of solar energy grants. However other countries have also adopted them and it is significant that the USA has still to make any widespread advance in this area.

Feed-in tariffs are good policy because they encourage the development of renewable energies overall, including solar, by rewarding the user for generating the electricity. Many utility companies are reaizing the importance of using renewable sources of energy in their total electricity package and they are prepared to pay a premium for that to happen.

Renewable energy expert and consultant, Paul Gipe, has a wonderful set of resources about renewable energy developments around the world. Amongst those resources is a great collection of information on feed-in tariff developments across a long list of world countries.

Check it out for your area and find out what's happened in the past and what is under consideration - really great information!

Tariffs By Country

Tax credits

Another form of solar incentive program is in the form of a tax credit. In the USA, for example, there is a 30% renewable energy tax credit available. This assumes of course, that you owe tax in the first place, but one suspects that is the case for the majority. This program is in place until 12/31/2016.

You can get detailed information on the tax credit from DSIRE Solar

Other solar incentives

if you live in the USA you can also get details on a range of other solar energy grants and financial incentives by going to the home page at DSIRE and clicking on your state on the map and following on from there - very helpful indeed!

A very useful resource, if you live in the UK, is at Energy Grants

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