Solar Energy - Putting Your Roof To Good Use

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Solar energy comes from the sun – that vast star that is predominantly a mixture of hydrogen and helium. Through the process of nuclear fusion, the hydrogen is continuously transformed into helium at enormously high temperatures and pressure. The resulting release of energy passes through the sun and is changed into mainly light energy. This light energy then passes through the atmosphere and reaches our planet earth.

Source: NASA/SDO

"Every hour, enough sunlight energy reaches the Earth to meet the world’s energy demand for a whole year."

Source:U.S. Department of Energy

Studies show that the sunlight reaching the earth produces 1 Kilowatt-hr of energy per square meter of the earth's surface. You can use that data to do all kinds of calculations. For our purposes though it means that there is an abundant supply of solar energy available, far more than we use throughout the world.

Solar energy is a vastly under-utilized resource that more people, including you, can take advantage of and reduce their power bills.

The challenge is to convert that energy into other forms suitable for powering our requirements and in a cost-effective way.

In the following pages we will deal with the listed solar topics and associated devices:

  • The use of mechanical and electronic equipment to access solar power is usually referred to as active solar
  • Discover the uses of Passive Solar where the energy is accessed without the intervention of mechanical systems.
  • Residential Solar Energy is the key to our improved energy efficiency and home owners have some great choices to make.
  • The mysteries of Solar Panels are revealed and discover how the costs are coming down.
  • The Advantages Of Solar and Solar Disadvantages are a “must-read”.
  • What is a Solar Inverter? Click on the link to find out.
  • Read about some of interesting solar research and see what the future holds for solar power.
  • A visit to Solar Power provides valuable insights into the practical uses and future progress of this important resource.
  • Everyone needs to have access to the latest Solar Energy Information
  • If you are installing solar systems in your home find out about those Solar Grants that can help defray your costs.
  • We can all benefit from learning more about solar power and our solar education page is a great resource
  • Find out more about the uses of solar
  • One of the key uses of solar power is to generate electricity and our solar electricity page explains how.
  • As with all things you want to know the cost and our Solar Cost page gives you up-to-date information.
  • Feeling creative? Got that urge to do it yourself? We have some great resources for you at DIY Solar
  • Keep warm at home without expensive fuel or grid electricity. Read all about solar home heating.
  • Cooling your home with solar is also an option. Find out more at Solar Air Conditioning
  • We all know electric ovens gobble up electricity and gas stoves seem to chew up gas, so why not cut your costs and experience the benefits of a Solar Oven
  • Why not take solar showers?
  • You have a swimming pool? Get even more benefits from your pool by installing a Solar Pool Heater
  • And discover why a solar pool heater without a Solar Pool Cover is a waste of money.
  • Solar technology is full of interesting devices which help to concentrate solar energy. Find out how Fresnel lenses play a part
  • Maybe you are about to build a house or renovate an old house. Discover solar home plans that will help you really get energy efficient.
  • Best of all, grab the great resource on our Solar Power Energy page.

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