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Alternative Energy Primer

In so many ways our world stands at the cross roads where we must decide on our next direction. Do we continue down the road of deriving our energy from fossil fuels which are now in limited supply? Do we continue to pollute the environment with the waste products from the energy production from those fossil fuels?


Do we take the road of drawing energy from renewable resources that will also help us reduce our production of harmful wastes, such as carbon dioxide?

The purpose of this course is to help you on that renewable energy road.

The information will be sent to you once a week,for the next thirteen weeks. We thought this might be a better option rather than asking you to work through a lengthy e-book on the topic. This way you can digest a little at a time. All we ask is that you white-list our email address,, to make sure you get all our emails.

Back to the purpose of this course...

We want to provide you with the important basics of home alternative energy which is a huge and developing field. We also want to show you how you can make the transition from the reliance on fossil fuels to the use of renewable sources that will help you reduce your home energy costs and also turn you into an ambassador for making the community a safer and more energy efficient place in which to live.

So be prepared, not only to learn a little, but also to be encouraged to put what you learn to practical use.

Because this is a developing field, changes are frequent and in addition to this basic course you can always get the latest news and developments on our website at

Also, if you have questions, you can ask them on our site and get a prompt answer.

The course contents are outlined below:

  • Part 1. Why We Need Alternative Energy Sources For The Home(check your email now)
  • Part 2. Energy Conservation
  • Part 3. Geothermal Energy
  • Part 5. Solar Power
  • Part 6. Solar Panels
  • Part 7. Wind Power
  • Part 8. Biomass
  • Part 9. Hydrogen
  • Part 10. Electric Cars
  • Part 11. External Combustion Engines
  • Part 12. Living Off The Grid
  • Part 13. Conclusion
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