Wind Power Grants - How To Get The Best Return On Your Investment

Anyone investing money in wind power for their home can enjoy the benefits of wind power grants. These grants are available in a variety of different forms across a wide number of world countries.

On this page we explore wind power grants in greater depth so as to give you a better understanding of what is available and how to access it.

We are assuming that you are thinking about the purchase of a wind turbine or that you have very recently purchased one. You are now looking at ways you can recoup some of your investment.

If you are still considering your purchase then let us remind you about some of the key things you need to know and understand before making your purchase.

OK - let's move on...

The whole point of investing in wind energy is to have a turbine that actually generates a substantial amount of energy, converted to electricity, that helps power your home. Governments around the world are increasingly recognising the value of this powerful energy source and offer wind power grants that will help defray the costs of your investment.

These wind power incentives go by a variety of different names - names which differ within countries and from country to country. The most common name is "feed-in tariffs" but you will also come across terms such as "electricity feed laws", "feed-in laws", "advanced renewable tariffs", "renewable energy tariffs","renewable energy payments" and "production tax credits".

Whatever, the name in your country, the essence is that you can normally secure grants to defray the capital cost of your wind turbine, often in the form of a tax credit and also obtain payment from your electricity supplier for any power you contribute to the national or state electricity grid.

So let's take a look at each of those two sources of wind power grants.

Wind Power Grants For Capital Costs

In the USA there are grants available at both the Federal & State level, depending on the energy source. If you are not familiar with the situation the best resource at the US Dept of Energy where there is an excellent summary of both the State and Federal assistance available.

The most well known and used grants program is one is the Residental Renewable Energy Tax Credit which provides a 30% tax deduction with no maximum limit for expenditure incurred on wind turbines since 31/12/2008. For more information, visit Renewable Energy Tax Credit

In the UK there are some new and attractive incentive schemes available from the Government and the best site to get a grasp of this is found at UK Government wind grants.

It is beyond the scope of this site to cover all the possibilities across different countries. The best way to approach it is to find the central government energy site in your area. This will then usually guide you elsewhere as well. For example the central energy site may outline capital grant subsidies but then have links to regional or local government bodies that also provide wind power grants.

Wind Power Feed-In Tariffs

The second of our two major sources of wind power grants is one where your electricity supplier rewards you for the electricity your wind turbine generates. This kind of scheme varies widely, so again, you need to check out your local resources.

An example...

In the UK the Generation and Feed-In Tariffs scheme pays you for every KW-hr of electricity your wind turbine generates, even though you use it all yourself. It also pays an additional amount for any electricity fed into the national grid. All these payments are tax free, indexed and guaranteed for 25 years.

We stress again, these schemes vary widely so do your own research.

The following is a list of the key features that should exist in any feed-in tariff program:

  • Payments are not related to capital costs - they are payments for electricity generated
  • Available to anyone - rich or poor, indidual or business, large or small
  • Do not require you to have a tax liability
  • Payments on long-term contracts so as to make the income predictable
  • Payments indexed to protect against inflation
It is worth noting that these feed-in tariffs are the way of the future. They represent good public policy as far as renewable energy is concerned.

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