Smart People Know That Wind Power Can Be A Cruel Con Trick

What can I do to reduce power bills
When they keep going up and up...
The answer my friends is blowin' in the wind
The answer is blowin' in the wind. (with apologies to Bob Dylan)

There's no doubt about it, wind power is one of the great solutions when it comes to exploring alternative forms of energy and working out how to become less dependent on the traditional sources of energy and to cut down those power bills.

Wind power,as the headline suggests, is the subject of a lot of misrepresentation and false information, particularly about the benefits and efficiency of household wind turbines.

I suppose we have come to expect that modern day marketing is filled with all sorts of hype, but it becomes a serious matter when someone is trying to sell you a $12,000 wind turbine and does so by making all sorts of outlandish claims that are designed to suck you in to make the purchase. The whole scenario ends up with one very disappointed customer who owns a wind turbine that doesn't live up to the hype that surrounded it.

So what information do you need to be one of the smart people?

  • It's very useful to read about the basic component parts that make up a wind turbine and how they work together to produce electricity. Visit our Wind Turbine Parts page

  • You need to find out the crucial factors that govern the operation of a wind turbine – factors that will help you make smart decisions if you are considering purchasing a turbine. Our Wind Power Facts page spells it out.

  • It's a “must read” - the page on Pros And Cons that spells out the many issues related to the constructive use of the wind for energy purposes

  • Wind Power For Homes is what this site is all about and you need to know the best way to approach this - what you can and cannot achieve

  • Choosing a wind turbine demands careful attention to detail. Find out the best way to go about it on by visiting Wind Power Turbine

  • An issue that looms large and demands your attention – our Costs page

  • You don't have to fund your investment entirely out of your own pocket. There is government assistance available at both the Federal & State level. This will vary from country to country, but read our Grants page to find out more

  • I'm sure there are some keen “I'd like to build my own” enthusiasts amongst you and you definitely need to visit our DIY Wind page

  • What about Rooftop Wind Power? Find out the somewhat depressing truth – but also the ray of hope for the future.

  • You may have heard about Vertical Axis Wind Turbines. Find out how good they are compared with the more prevalent horizontal axis turbines.

  • In addition, go to our Vawt page and read a detailed critique of a vawt which will give you a good insight into what to look for when evaluating a turbine

  • Follow the discussion on community wind and become excited by the benefits you can enjoy in partnership with others.

  • Wind Power Generators ( provides a wealth of information about the use of the wind to meet your energy needs.
  • So there you have it – our collection of wind information that will turn you into one of the smart people. Absorb it and apply it and you will never be sucked in by “snake oil” sales pitches that make grandiose claims that can never be achieved in practice. Best of all though, you will discover and experience the considerable benefits that wind energy can bring to your home.

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